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Harold Savin

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         Harold H Savin

      Tel# 805-390-1752

      Fax  805-520-5871 

        Mobile Notary Public

     Certified Loan Signing Agent

             Bonded & Insured

Simi Valley Mobile Notary Public

"serving the community"

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Mobile Notary serving Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Granada Hills, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Porta Ranch, Northridge, Reseda, Santa Susana, Winnetka, North Hills, West Hills, Westlake Village, Oak Park and many other surrounding areas.

Savin Mobile Notary provides personalized, professional notary-signing service in Simi Valley and its surrounding areas. Call Savin Mobile Notary when you need legal, financial, medical and/or real estate documents notarized.

Notarial services are provided to Lenders, Escrow and Title Companies, Signing Agencies, Medical Offices, Attorneys and the General Public.

Savin Mobile Notary focuses on ethics and intergrity. I am customer oriented and put your needs first ....every time!

Savin Mobile Notary provides Notarial Services to the general public for documents such as Deeds of Trust, Quit Claim Deeds, notarization of Power of Attorney, Affidavit of Parental Consent to travel for minors, mortgage signings and loan signings. If you can't leave youe home to have your documents notarized, then Savin Mobile Notary will come to you!

Savin Mobile Notary can receive documents via email and fax. I am a notary who will travel to a home or place of business to notarize signatures at the client's convenience. I offer flexability and will accommodate for busy schedules or non-standard working hours.

Savin Mobile Notary is a member of the National Notary Association. "Certified, Bonded, Insured and Background Checked through the NNA."















* Please note: I am not an attorney and do not offer any legal advice.


Acceptable forms of identification that a notary can use:

Each signer must present at least one of the forms of ID listed below. The ID must be current or if expired have been issued in the last 5 years; contain the signer's photograph, personal description;  signature, and bear a serial or other identifying number.

   *  Driver's license or non-driver's ID card issued by a U.S. state.

   *   Driver's license issued in Mexico or Canada.

   *   U.S. or foreign passport (current - not expired).

   *   U.S. military identification card that contains all the required elements stated above.                         (The common access card 'CAC' is not acceptable).


   *   Inmate ID issued by the California Dept. of Corrections.


   *   Any form of ID issued by a sheriff's department for a prisoner in county jail or a local                       detention facility.

   *   Employee card issued by an agency or office of the state of California or any city or county               within the state. (Federal IDs are not acceptable).

   *   Consular ID  (Mexican Matricula Consular ID is not acceptable)

   *   ID card issued by a federally recognized tribal government.

       *** If proper ID is not available and cannot be easily obtained, the signer may have                          TWO CREDIBLE WITNESSES, people with valid ID, present, who know you and can attest                to who you are under oath.

Savin Mobile Notary


* For all your Notarial needs...

Mobile Notary in Simi Valley ~ Serving Ventura & Los Angeles County

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